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Welcome to the home page of the California Wheel Burners. We are an active ICORE affiliated revolver and rimfire shooting club that hold monthly events at the Wes Thompson ranges in Piru. Please click through the menu above to learn more about Wheel Burners and the shooting sports we offer. If you have further questions, contact one of our officers via email or use the Contact Us form.

Club events are open to members and guests. First time guest shooters are welcome but will need to become members to continue participating in club events. Loaner gear and guns can be available if you need them. Our informal matches are strictly for fun and personal satisfaction. We're a relaxed and sociable group and always happy to welcome a new shooter!

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Events and Notices
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newRevolver Results from 8 November are posted.

Our seasonal hot weather is creating prime rattlesnake environment so there's a chance of rattlesnake encounter on the ranges. Our rodent population attracts them so we need to be extra alert. Pay attention and be extra careful when looking in the sheds and especially around the range equipment and brush at the bay perimeters. Click on the link to see a photo of one that was captured a few years back.

November 22 - Annual Fall Classic Steel Match

Our traditional fall steel match that will be held at the Steel Challenge range. The Steel Challenge range is about 1/2 mile from our range, further down the road and on the left. Food and a full day of shooting the real steel challenge stages. Open to all who wish to attend. All handguns are welcome for this special event including rimfire. Also welcome are rimfire rifles. Entry fee is $35 per shooter, juniors are $5 and shooting a second gun is an additional $5, including lunch of burgers, dogs, drinks etc. Start time is 8-9am. Join or form a squad when you arrive (bring a shot timer if you have one). Don't be late or you'll miss lunch.The weather forecast can be seen by clicking the link.

December 6 - 1st Saturday Rimfire Steel Match

Our normal first Saturday monthly rimfire steel match for 22 Handgun and 22 Rifle. Maximum of eight stages total. More details about our rimfire steel can be found on the Rimfire Match Info page. Bring at least 250 rounds of 22 ammo. Holsters not necessary. All actions welcome though bolt and single actions may be challenging because of the high round count. Open to all who wish to attend. Start time of 9:00am. Sign-ups and shooters meeting at 8:30am. Cost is $20 for members and $30 for guests. Please see the note above for membership information. Juniors are free if members and $10 if guests. If you don't have everything required we can arrange to share. Please arrive a little early and help complete setup. The weather forecast can be seen by clicking the link.

December 13 - 2nd Saturday Revolver Match

Our normal 2nd Saturday revolver match. Open to all who wish to attend. Centerfire pistols and rimfire handguns are also welcome. Cost is $20 for members and $30 for guests. Please see the note above regarding membership information. First time attendees shoot for only $10. There's a ton of introductory information on our New Shooter Info and Revolver Match Info pages. Standard start time is 9:00AM, please arrive a little early and help complete setup. If you don't have everything required we can arrange to share. The weather forecast can be seen by clicking the link.

Range Use Etiquette Reminder

Wheel Burners members are entitled to use our ranges and equipment at any time, but if you come and shoot you are obligated to pay the daily use fee just like our club does for our matches. If you shoot on a non-match day, please stop at the rifle range and sign the "Private Club" sheet and leave the money ($10 per shooter) new in the drawer. Before leaving the Wheel Burners range, please return all targets back to their original location and lay steel down flat. Steel targets that are left standing can become a tempting target to rifle shooters outside our range. Once punctured or dented by a rifle caliber, the steel can't be used for handgun events. Remember, no centerfire rifles are allowed on the Wheel Burners range because we face south toward Route 126. We are now required by our range lease to be proactive in raking up expended brass and lead to prevent migration to the creek bed. Buckets are being provided to collect range brass for recycling. Please place all empty water bottles and other trash in a container, or better yet, take it away from the range because if you leave it, then someone else has to handle it.

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